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Man-made Threats to Wildlife

Dog running to catch up.......

Common Cranes are such beautiful birds, full of grace! They are semi-aquatic birds which can be found in lakes, ponds and also on terrains. One of the multiple threats that they face nowadays is the death threat from stray dogs. This picture portrays the proximity with which stray dogs have access to them in such habitats. This inevitably restricts the birds' movements, especially those that migrate long distances and come to a particular destination every season.

A Blue Bull or Nilgai in a reserved area near Rajkot in Gujarat. Nilgai antelopes are found in many habitat types, ranging from grassy, steppe woodlands to hillsides. This variety has made them almost a synanthropic species in current times. The series of buildings captured here illustrates how human domination is slowly replacing the rich ecosystems that support hundreds of animals, including this beauty. The towers on these hillsides, constructed in the name of development, encroach on pristine eco- systems such as this one, robbing thousands of species of their homes.

This photo shows a fruit bat. Sadly it is surrounded by high rise mobile towers instead of fruiting Asopalav trees.

Man-made Threat to Wildlife

This frame shows two Black-winged Stilts. They're a very common bird around wetlands. However, their population is slowly decreasing. As per my observations from 2017 onwards in the Dhichada wetland near Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, each year they’re sighted less and less. One possible threat to this species is industrial pollution. It's clear that industrial pollution causes natural rhythms and patterns to fail, meaning that the wildlife is severely affected. Habitats are being lost, species are becoming extinct, and it is increasingly harder for the environment to recover from each consecutive natural disaster.

All photos and text by Neel Sureja

More of his work is available here :


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